Mar 3, 2012 - Drumbeat

Hunting for a Future

This may be the only surviving family business in the industry. The present generation does not want to disappoint the previous one nor be blamed by the next. It must be sustained and has to be passed on… By serving the family interest, we are serving an entire hunting heritage and way of life. Needless to mention, hunting is man’s most basic instinct and when conducted appropriately, it is the best conservation tool in practice.

The cost of sustainability is high and sustainability is our priority. This is reflected on our new rate structure. Hunting will not survive if we keep hiding behind personal agendas and short term benefits. Clients, agents, outfitters, governments and stakeholders need to address the necessity of economic viability to even begin considering an ecological future. There are no easy solutions, but cooperation and collaborations are a good start towards a worthy and priceless cause.

From the Land Rover “dungu” to the trusty Toyota “mpingo”, Wild Footprints adapts to changes and evolves over time to meet challenges and maintain the integrity of a true African Safari Experience. Our standards, ethics, equipment and service remain at the high levels our guests have become accustomed to. Support the future of Wild Places… Support Wild Footprints.